Neighborhood 831 is a one of a kind Strength and Conditioning facility located in Pacific Grove, California.

N831's programs, intensity, expectations, attention to detail, and athlete development are all second to none.

Our unique programming derives from years of hands on athletic based strength and endurance training. We utilize what is called 'periodization' in the exercise science world, which essentially means all our training methods are done systematically, and for a purpose. We then break down these blocks (mesocycles) into microcycles (power, strength, hypertrophy, endurance) which allows us to limit injury while achieving maximum results.

At N831, you will be a part of the most intense training regimen available to the general public. While we boast to have a very difficult and advanced system, N831 welcomes beginners and advanced athletes alike. If you are looking to be challenged, and are willing to accept the challenge, this gym is for you.



N831 vs CrossFit:

The number one question we get asked is what the difference between us and a CrossFit affiliate is.

First and foremost, all of our coaches are required to have a 4 year degree in an exercise science related field. All of our coaches are former collegiate athletes and know what it takes to keep athletes safe and strong. Our program is most closely related to a US Military Special Forces training program called THOR-3, or any Division 1 Strength and Conditioning program out there.

Secondly, our workouts take up a full hour of training, of actual work. Athletes are expected to arrive early and get their warm up in, and are also expected to cool down and stretch on their own. We want to utilize the hour we have to its maximum potential; we have a lot of work to get in.

Thirdly, our attention to detail is something that really sets us apart. Each athletes strength and endurance numbers (about 30 in all) and tracked, recorded, and posted by us. We also understand each athlete is completely different, so there is far more individual work that is suited directly for your needs, and not just the group. If you have a limitation, we will find a modification. Our number one goal is to keep people healthy.

Intensity. Science. Accountability.