At Neighborhood 831, everyone can find a training program to fit their particular needs and goals.

Training programs include:

Performance: An intense athletic and scientific program geared towards explosive, compound movements such as the olympic lifts, power lifts, and accessory movements. We utilitize periodization programming and incorporate high intensity conditioning along with our comprehensive strength program. Each training session is 90 minutes.

Strength: This program is geared towards power lifters who simply want to get stronger. Focusing on bench, deadlift, and squat, we incorporate several different training methods (Smolov, Wendler's 5/3/1, Cube Method) to meet our athlete's goals. Each training sessions is 90 minutes.

Endurance: Our endurance training program is built for those that want to increase strength, stamina, and endurance using weight lifting and conditioning alike to achieve results. You will find various lifts in this program, but will be geared towards lower weight and higher reps. Each training session is 60 minutes.